At Uchiwaya Ryo, we create eco-friendly, durable, and artistic Marugame Uchiwa fans that bring comfort to your new normal. They are perfect for cooling down your mask-covered face or creating a cool breeze when you’re feeling warm. May we suggest eco-friendly, durable and artistic Marugame Uchiwa fans to bring comfort to your new normal? Use them to cool down your mask-covered face or generate a fresh breeze anytime and anywhere.

About Uchiwaya Ryo

A product of tradition and craftsmanship
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Uchiwaya Ryo is a Marugame Uchiwa fan boutique that exclusively carries hand-made bamboo fans. All products are locally produced by craftsmen in the Marugame City region. The Uchiwa fan production starts from sourcing high quality local bamboo and continues through a multi-step process. Each Marugame Uchiwa fan is a product of the finest materials and craftsmanship that has been handed down through generations.
We aim to create Marugame Uchiwa fans that spark joy by being practical while maintaining its historical value. Visit us to browse a wide variety of Marugame Uchiwa fans at Uchiwaya Ryo.

About Marugame Uchiwa Fans

History and culture that has continued for over 400 years, since the Edo period

It is said that the chief priest of Konpira Shrine devised the "Shibu Uchiwa,” a fan coated with fermented persimmon tannin, bearing an official seal of the shrine in 1633. Later, they became prevalent nationwide as a souvenir of the Konpira Shrine pilgrimage.
Around 1887, the Marugame Uchiwa were exported to China and the United States. The increase in export shaped the current manufacturing practice that consists of specialized production processes including cutting out frames from bamboo, mounting leaves on the frames and painting the leaves.

Kagawa Prefecture became Japan's number one producer of bamboo fans due to the materials, including woodblocks, knives, paper, glue, and bamboo, being located and sourced in Marugame City.

How to find a high quality Uchiwa fan

Marugame Uchiwa fans are handmade by local craftsmen. In comparison to the mass-produced fans, some of the authentic handwork details are easy to identify.

Customized Uchiwa Fans

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